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7 Ways to Incorporate Innovative Technology Into Your Business

7 Ways to Incorporate Innovative Technology Into Your Business

Businesses of every size need innovative technology to thrive in any modern industry. There are several easy and relatively inexpensive ways to incorporate tech into your small or midsize business. If you need a place to start, consider these seven tips from Justork Lifestyle.

Use Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most innovative way to get your product or service on the market and to a wider audience. It can be intimidating to get started, though – especially if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why it’s a good idea to take advantage of free resources whenever possible. For instance, you can use this free instagram story template to help get the word out there, and save your marketing budget for bigger promotions down the road.

Use Cloud-Based Tools to Boost Remote Work Opportunities

Cloud-based technology offers businesses the opportunity to create a highly communicative work environment. Employees can collaborate with one another from anywhere, making it possible for you to offer remote work opportunities. Employees feel trusted and appreciated when you allow them to work without supervision, and you save on company overhead costs when everyone works from home.

Introduce Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is reaching new heights every year. Currently, businesses can use augmented reality to showcase products online for consumers that want to try them out first. For example, if you sell clothing, you can use AI to create a virtual try-on space on your website and app.

Additionally, AI is changing how businesses handle customer service. You can implement automated chat and email services that can offer more targeted answers for customers and free up time for your employees to work on more productive projects.

Design a Mobile App

Most businesses offer a mobile app, primarily because a vast number of business transactions occur through apps. You want to be visible to your customer base at all times and create another way to market to them directly. Mobile apps also allow you to create brand recognition by getting customers more involved in your app with notifications.

Upgrade Your Cyber Security

As your business becomes more technologically savvy, don't forget to upgrade your cyber security along with it. Work with a cyber security company to ensure that your server setup is effectively protecting you and your customers. This is especially important if you do a large number of online sales.

Use Tech to Streamline Finances

Cloud-based tech can also help you streamline accounts receivable. Use an online invoicing tool that allows you to pay your bills and bill clients quickly and easily. Streamlining your finances ensures that you keep customers current and revenue coming in.

Implement Time-Management Tools

If you have multiple departments or employees working on a single project, use time-management tools to keep track of their work. You cannot properly bill for the hours spent on a project if you don't know how much time was spent as a whole. This also allows you to track employee productivity overall.

Incorporating any of these technological advancements into your business is a great way to create a more productive work environment for you and your employees. Research shows that companies need tech to continue to drive their businesses. Start implementing changes today to see improvement over time.

Justork Lifestyle is a full service business consultant and branding agency. Call 862-803-0225.

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