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What is branding?

The brand that your business builds over time is simply the identity that comes to mind when someone is referring to your company.  At the same time, you may have heard the expression "you are your business": You are a direct representation of the brand that your business embodies. Here is another way of looking at branding: Why do you love going to the Apple Store? How about Nike?  Do you really love getting another iPhone again for the 10th year in a row? Do we love standing in lines or being packed in like sardines in the Nike stores? Why do we love Nike and Apple commercials? A good amount of the time, they do not even refer to the products they are selling. 

Steve Jobs loved Nike's business model so much that he modeled the Apple Store based on the shoe shopping experience. He was quoted as saying something along the lines of "Nike doesn't sell shoes, they honor great athletes" and that was a lot of what he did with Apple and the experience of shopping in one of their stores. That is the true essence of branding: the connection that the customer is a part of something bigger: Something that will change the universe or put a dent in it. We can all agree that society would be completely different without the existence of brands such as Nike and Apple. That is only 2 of many great brands throughout the world. 

The only thing that separates your company from theirs is that they had a clear, cohesive plan of exactly what impression they wanted to leave on their fans and they focused on delivering that to the best of their doing with every single customer interaction and experience. 

When will you join them?

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