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Justork Lifestyle is back with the Small Business Spotlight. This Saturday we are featuring a self-inspired self-starter:

Anthony Steele is the owner WPC Executive Services; a company started by his father back in 1999. Based out of Riverside, CA, WPC Executive Services strives to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Read how the company has adapted and spread its services for over two decades! We got a chance to speak with the owner to give us a sneak peak of what he does different to result in such longevity. From the owner himself! Read more below;

Our business has been around since 1999, and we provide tons of services for small businesses!

We have conference rooms where clients are able to rent by the hour for training, seminars, or meetings. Primarily used with court reporters and lawyers to host depositions.

We also have each room equipped with videoconferencing capabilities to have people be able to call in from home or their office rather than drive far to make it to the meeting

We have mailbox services, which goes above and beyond what you can get at the post office! We offer a flat rate for all of our locations (now there is only two, Riverside & Santa Ana, but there is no increase if we add more). We also give discounts on our other services by being a mailbox member, and give 1hr of free conference room rental per month.

There are no limitations to package sizes or business names you want to receive in our office.

We have our calendar administration, where we help coordinate your appointments on your calendar by calling/emailing clients. This has been a great tool for when our clients go to a networking event and collect business cards; they write on the back what they spoke about or what the client was interested in and we reach back out with either an email, or phone call, and put them down on their calendar. Great tool for following up!

We also have our phone answering services, where we have a number dedicated and answered in your business name, along with a voicemail, M-F 9:00 - 5:00 live receptionist answering.

Finally, we also offer bookkeeping & payroll. We organize your bank statements and put them in the right categories to make sure our clients get the most tax deductions when they file their taxes at the end of the year. Our payroll service also submits all of the payroll taxes automatically so you never fall behind, as well as offering direct deposit and time tracking. We can also help with setting up clients with group benefits such as life, health, dental, & vision insurance.

I am also a licensed insurance agent, and have been able to help our clients get their own life insurance policies, as well as worker’s comp, liability, auto & home, etc.

Right now, we grouped all of our services together in a Virtual Assistant Package that drops down the rates as well.

Some background on myself:

My father started the business 20 years ago, but I took over 4 years ago, and since then we were able to open a second location in Santa Ana, offer more services at a lower rate, as well as seen a 300% growth in the business based on our customer service, which we are really proud of.

I am also a soon to be dad, with our baby being born within the next 3-5 weeks! So very exciting stuff has been going on this past year.

Anthony Steele

Anthony Steele



"Let Us Take Care Of The Headaches"

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